Cover-212Tamiya Model Magazine International is an English-language, monthly publication that covers the whole range of scale-modelling topics including armour, aircraft, cars, bikes, ships, science-fiction, dioramas, figures, techniques, new kits, accessories, books and more.

We have international authors and many different styles of model making and finishing, so there’s something for everyone.

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9 Responses to Welcome to Tamiya Model Magazine International

  1. Thomas says:

    I am puzzled to see that in Tamiya Model Magazine and in Military Illustrated Modeller I see that you started to delete any swastikas on the pictures shown in your mags!

    It doesn´t matter if these are shown on contemporary wartime pictures or on model kit pictures: they are pixelated now.

    Why have you started doing so? Come on: you out there have been the last resort of freedom! ;-)


    • admin says:

      Hi Thomas, the distributor who handles our magazines in Germany tell us that with doing this they are not allowed to sell or display the magazine.

  2. Laurie Taite says:

    Well, anything Tamiya I am a sucker for, so a website for the mag is a natural…BUT…the very FIRST article I decided to read was the one on the Iwata Micron gun. Nad guess what…TYPOS…!!!!!!

    Come on guys, the magazine is LOADED with typos eah and EVERY issue. There is this nifty little app
    called Spell Check…? I have been buying TMMI since issue 1, and am only missing a few in the 30’s, and here we are approaching the 2030’s for pete’s sake, and you STILL don’t have a proof reader… ;-)…!!

  3. VAN HOVE says:

    Trying to locate the place on your site where you mention all available back issues ….,?
    And – indeed- how do I get there cos’ I wanna purchase some issues but wants to ensure they are still available before ordering !!
    tks to lemme know!!

  4. Robert S Owens says:

    Corrected spelling errors in previous post.

    Way too many articles on vehicles designed to kill and or wartime vehcles especially Axis forces stuff. I often wonder how the Allies won the wars.
    Military Illustrated Modeller, Model Airplane International and Model Military International have more than enough of that stuff.
    We need more articles on civilian vehicles, 2 wheeled and 4 or more.
    Please no more 10 or 12 page articles on an individual (model or human)


  5. John Bancroft says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Robert S Owens – to buy my monthly copy of TMMI to find there are no articles on civilian vehicles is desperately disappointing. Maybe we ‘car modellers’ are a shrinking market, but surely TMMI can provide one article per month? It’s getting to the point were I am considering looking elsewhere for my modelling news!

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