Techtip: Adding a drop or two of Liquitex flow enhancer to Tamiya paint will prevent it from drying too fast. The results are a much smoother finish. (Techtip from Cyrus Tan).


Techtip: CA glue is much easier to sand after a few minutes rather than after several hours because CA continues to harden over time. (Techtip from Cyrus Tan).


Techtip: Adding Winsor & Newton artist medium into MM enamel cuts the surface tension of the paint and helps it flow better through an airbrush. A little goes a long way so a drop or two is all you need. (Techtip from Cyrus Tan).


Techtip: Avoid using white to lighten any green shades because it will strip the yellow hue from the green resulting in a drastic ‘bleached’ appearance. Use something in the yellow-brown spectrum to cut any green saturation so that colour gradations appear more subtle. (Techtip from Cyrus Tan).

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