The 80’ wooden hulled PT-109 will always be remembered as John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s torpedo patrol boat. It made him a hero, and played a small role in his successful bid for the presidency. In Italeri’s new kit, the chart house on the upper deck in the central area of the boat is totally new and also you can find some significant different details in the engine edge of the boat. Of the 300 parts in the kit, 150 are brand new.

The photo-etched parts are mainly located in the house chart and on the gun (on the rear part of the boat). Included in the kit is a Photo Reference Manual (PRM) of the PT-109. It is filled with a brief history as well as little known historical facts, original photographs and drawings.

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  1. marion miller says:

    looks like a grate kit —-what the cost of it.

  2. Jim Owens says:

    I was wondering is it possible to make this kit into an r/c boat cause the bottom of the hull where the propeller shafts and and the deck attaches by screws instead of gluing so if it is possible can anyone reccomend a motor type and a place to find it?

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