Just touched down at TMMI’s offices is Tamiya’s new 1:20 2010 Red Bull RB6 kit, along with a factory-built model direct from Tamiya. So here you can see the sprues and the finished kit and they all look pretty good. We will bring you a full build report or course, but for now, enjoy the preview pics. Kit Preview in TMMI 207 Jan 2013.

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One Response to TAMIYA 1:20 RED BULL RB6 LANDS!

  1. Rick Heyes says:

    Great kit Tamiya, nice detail, crisp mouldings but why no coloured tyre stripes(green for hard compound, yellow for option, silver etc). Seems to be a HUGE oversight for a company that prides itself on accuracy. Sadly we’ll have to go to the aftermarket companies to fill in your gaps.

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