We have received news from The Airbrush Company who have passed over the distribution of Great Wall Hobby & Lion Roar to Creative Models

Alex Medwell of The Airbrush Company said: We have really enjoyed promoting GreatWall Hobby and LionRoar due to the interesting subjects and the high quality, which has been in-line with our policy on high quality of all our other products. Together we have increased the brand awareness and we wish the new distributor every success with building on that further.
We have decided to handover distribution of GreatWall Hobby and LionRoar products, so we can re-focus our time and energy on our core products, airbrushes, compressors and paints.
There will be five new kits (two space kits and three aircraft kits) coming on Creative Model’s first shipment.
It’s now over to Creative Models, who will be announcing those releases very soon!

Source: The Airbrush Company

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